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Hypocritical Americans.

Submitted by Lin Xu, Sep 24, 2012 11:06

It is not the USA that must change, we are what we have always been. The masses from the other nations might consider the tolerance we, as a nation, exhibit to others.

Lol, do Americans learn anything real about their country? Your country is the product of Genocide, with the victims still living in camps call reserves. Not satisfied with having nearly wiped out an entire race of people your "great founders" then decide that they're too lazy to work their own soil and buy into the slave trade. Unlike other nations which were also using slaves, the Americans turn it into a supremacy issue and continue this brutal practice for 256 years. Afterwards, not content with the free labor given to them by previous generations of Africans they then proceed to lynch them left and right, of course they are only 3/5's human, right? Once that comes to an end, the Americans not satisfied with unlocking the ultimate douchebag award decide that education is only for some and enforce segregation, using scare tactics such as "Miscegenation", this coming from a nation that has no actual race, in fact it is a land of racial bastards.

Unaware of the irony they declare war on Germany, why? Racism! This coming from the country that gave birth to the Klan and supported white Supremacy through law! Something that even the Third Reich did not do. Now, to fight "Racism" they decide the best way to do it is to... again... segregate the races in the military, oh god why? Anyways all through the war the Americans are the biggest hypocrites the world has ever seen. They win, but not content with winning they ... once again, decide to kill people for no real reason and drop two nuclear bombs on a country that was no longer any threat. - Americans applaud what happened to the "Japs" ... you know, fighting racism and all.

After this they station troops in damn near every country but cry about their "Sovereign" land, you know that land they stole which was the scene for a massive Genocide? They later become "Friends" with Japan as long as Japan becomes it's financial waste dump, holding obscene amounts of U.S debt. I guess it's that or be nuked again, eh?

During the cold war - they get into Arab lands, stealing as they go... also turning a blind eye to the massacres that occur around them. After sucking these lands dry they are pretty much de-stabilized and the great U.S sets up it's corporations to get something for nothing, just like slavery!

Then the Americans attack my country China, for what? For growing faster than them. It's not fair they say! We work our people to hard they say! ... AGAIN THIS COMING FROM A NATION THAT ENFORCED SLAVERY FOR 256 YEARS! It's laughable and sad at the same time.

Americans have a very different view of what they "think" they are vs what they actually are. You're the most bloodied Empire that has ever existed. Your crimes and death tolls make the Nazi's look like good guys. That's bad.


CAIR anti-America

Submitted by Bob Higginbotham, Sep 22, 2012 12:18

The America must change comment comes from an organization that has monetarily supported Hamas and maybe other terrorist organization. A better idea is to deport CAIR and all that support it.


We should change how about them changing also

Submitted by Jimbo257, Sep 22, 2012 11:18

Islam leaders say America needs to change their way of thinking and accept Islam and kiis their asses( by the way our adminstration already does that) but they don't think that they should change and accept other nations religion.Their religion calls for them to kill everyone who doesn't follow Islam but they are being disrespect by the other nations and religions Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee if they are peaceful why do the roit and kill at a drop of the hat


Why expect us to change?

Submitted by 2grouchy, Sep 21, 2012 20:41

It is not the USA that must change, we are what we have always been. The masses from the other nations might consider the tolerance we, as a nation, exhibit to others.


Human Rights

Submitted by Najis Kafir, Sep 21, 2012 09:08

Human Rights = Group Rights under the idea that Secular Humanism is the best religion of all. How's that working out? Stealth atheism helping muslims eradicate Christians and Jews..


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