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Hamas not Terrorists Marilyn

Submitted by Bob, Feb 7, 2009 19:13

OK Marilyn. You've got most of the "talking points" down pretty good. You lose it when you start the naked unfounded
ignorant malicious slander. That's when the lovely "marilyn" shows up. A disgrace. to put it mildly.


Apparently Marilyn cant read

Submitted by Jeff, Feb 1, 2009 14:11

You offer only anger and no facts. It's obvious you just came in there to "flame" the article. It is quite obvious you did not read the article and you offer no factual rebuttal to anything in the posted article. The Arabs coined the term Palestinians in the 1960's for political gain. Palestine is a geographic area, not even an Arab term either (Roman). You should read your history, and not take Arab propaganda as fact. Even the FBI has severed relations with CAIR. CAIR, Hamas, Hezbolla ......they all operated in a simiar way. They raise money for charities, and get the locals to depend on them, while they funnel monies into terrorist activities. Gaza is a perfect example. Then they launch rockets AIMED at unarmed populations in the name of Allah! They launch from population centers using women and children as human shields. Hamas, Hezbollah and CAIR are evil and descpicable groups of human debris. I thank God for experts like Steve Emerson and websites with researched and factual information such as this one.

Find one LIE in this article:



Hamas are not terrorists.

Submitted by Marilyn, Jan 31, 2009 23:23

I don't know who you freaks are but you should be ashamed of yourselves. Who the hell are you to sit as judge and jury of elected governments when the US government is the biggest supporter of terrorism and aggressor nation on the planet.

CAIR supplied schools and medical care to Palestinians being injured and maimed by thugs in Israel, Palestine has been under illegal occupation for 60 years you imbeciles.


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