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Guest Column: Another Ex-Con, Another Terrorist Attack - The Danger in Closing Gitmo (1 comment) Special to IPT News January 9, 2015
Time for Domestic Anti-Radicalization Program IPT News December 5, 2011
House Panel: al-Shabaab Poses "Direct Threat" to U.S. (2 comments) IPT News July 27, 2011
Shabaab Essay Boasts of Western Recruits IPT News July 20, 2011
The Making of an American Jihadist: Abdulhakim Mujahid Muhammad (1 comment) IPT News April 15, 2011
A New Role for Jihadi Media (1 comment) IPT News January 11, 2011
Al-Shabaab's New Recruitment Video (1 comment) IPT News December 2, 2010
Bronx Trial Shows how Prisons Breed Terrorists (1 comment) Special to IPT News August 30, 2010
Al Qaida's English-language Terrorism Blueprint IPT News July 13, 2010
Law Enforcement Fears Shabaab Infiltration IPT News June 4, 2010
How al-Shabaab Targets Western Youth (2 comments) IPT News January 29, 2010
Jihadist Recruitment's Human Toll: One American Family's Experience IPT News January 29, 2010
Anti-Semitic, Anti-Christian Propaganda on Display at Caliphate Conference (4 comments) IPT News July 24, 2009
Hizb Ut-Tahrir: Shariah Takes Precedence over U.S. Constitution (37 comments) IPT News July 20, 2009
Hizb ut-Tahrir In America: Preaching Hate, Building A Caliphate (5 comments) IPT News July 17, 2009
Pro-Terror Group to Meet in Chicago Suburb (37 comments) IPT News July 10, 2009
"Birds of Paradise" – Martyrdom Recruitment as Children's Entertainment (13 comments) IPT News June 19, 2009
Radicals in Our Prisons (3 comments) New York Post May 24, 2009

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Minnesota Shabaab Recruiter Pleads Guilty For The Record - The IPT Blog July 18, 2011
Al-Shabaab's Newest American Recruits For The Record - The IPT Blog July 14, 2011
How the Taliban Recruits Children For The Record - The IPT Blog May 18, 2011
Al-Shabaab Said to Recruit Two Canadian Women For The Record - The IPT Blog April 1, 2011
The E-Battlefield: Taking Back the Web from Jihadists For The Record - The IPT Blog February 2, 2011
Sources and Methods of Islamic Radicalization are Global For The Record - The IPT Blog July 19, 2010
Delaware Professor Pushes the Terrorist "Narrative" For The Record - The IPT Blog May 7, 2010
Al Qaeda Magazine Encourages "Lone" Wolf Attacks on Western Infrastructure and Public Figures For The Record - The IPT Blog November 10, 2009