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Answer and Reply to Al-shabab Mistakes

Submitted by A R Thompson, Dec 2, 2010 16:20

Until the western countries get there act together and deal This Somali Coast of Pirates and the massive blackmail paid out of corporate funding including government funding.

This scum knows your Christian weaknesses of caring and understand of root causes of poverty, while you are dithering in that area.

They are devoting a lot of time using Internet, Religious meetings,by recruitment in all places of Western Culture,these groups once started, will get bigger as months pass by and they will intern will get braver and sadly another massacre of human beings, as they are on a holy mission, against Christianity, when we catch them, lets do the right thing and Pray for them,befor we send them on there way.

But when you have weak leaders in power and tolerant Lords of Justice. and Presidents that only see as far as the nose,the Western world is vulnerable,it is most important that you wake up befor further atrocities are committed befor an another episode of recurring slaughter takes place.

The people elected you the leaders of are countries to take care of them, and todate there is huge gap for improvement by are Leaders. Resurrect the Spirit of the British bulldog, or have you forgot your Identity.


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