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Submitted by Hamin H. Rashada, Sep 13, 2010 07:40

Who do you think inspire inmates to terrorize THEIR OWN DEMONS to keep the rest of society safe? It is chaplains, especially Muslim chaplains! People like Mr. PATRICK DUNLEAVY aspire to get their 15 minutes of fame by denigrating honorable Muslim chaplains like Melody Rashada, Imam Dr. Salahuddin Muhammad, former chaplain Hamin Rashada and others. Imagine what would surface if somebody was to investigate the one who write such mindless nonsense. I hope most American people are too smart to fall for tactics of fear used by people like Patrick Dunleavy to push the buttons of Americans who are already under stress. Let us not forget the lessons of the Attica Riots when Muslim inmates protected correction officers. Muslim chaplains, like other prison chaplains, probably are among the most effective of the prisons' staff at motivating the inmates to REHABILITATE THEMSELVES TO LIVE UPSTANDING LIVES IN PRISON AND WHEN THEY ARE RELEASED. Be suspicious of any body who use the media to spread fear and hatred to further their own agenda.


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