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Not Palestinians

Submitted by Rhonda, Aug 8, 2010 20:57

These children, and the adults in Gaza are not Palestinians. The term "Palestine/Palestinian" was initially given to the Jews hundreds of years ago. Somehow it has morphed into meaning the Arabs who fled Jerusalem before the war. There are no Palestinians in Gaza, they are ALL Arabs. And they are Arabs who are not being absorbed into their mother countries. The mother countries don't want them, and are not willing to take them in and give them jobs because then the mother countries would lose their political pawn, the poor "refugees", who are now in their 3rd generation. The original refugees have all died.


Oh My !!

Submitted by Debbe, Jul 2, 2010 18:29

These are such beautiful children and yet so decieved by their "teachers" and get to live the life they should have !! God bless them and open their eyes !! Let those who have ears listen !!


To Dom re: subtitles

Submitted by Gil, Jun 29, 2010 07:28

Yeah but how can we forward it on to other people that won't come to this website in order that the word is spread? So put some bloody english sub-titles on it asap!!


Just another double-standard

Submitted by Simon62, Aug 30, 2009 09:53

To me, this is just another stunning example of Islamic 'professional victimhood' much like large cities that have 'professional girlfriends'. (And both in my opinion have the same morals, though I risk giving prostitutes a bad name...) The professional victims can't have it both ways:

1: Train all your children to be mini-me, psycho-let, terrorist wanna be's...and expect the world to help feed, clothe, and provide medical care, now that all your resources have gone into creating little sociopath terrorists & bombs, not people that will help build your world.

Solution? As long as *one* cartoon, tv show, radio program or social gathering that promotes terrorism, or any of its sick ilk is out there...ALL aid should be blockaided or destroyed, NO monies, relief funds or medical teams sould be sent. No wire transfers from other countries either. Total black hole ops.

2: Whine, kvetch, complain beat your chest and sound like a tempermental 2 y/o when counter-artillery or counter-morter fire lights up not only your terror teams but the schools, mosques and markets you, mr terrorist, set them up next to...knowing that you'd have a PR opportunity if rounds were off...but nobody mentions the schools, markets and churches YOU are targeting...

Solution? Use *their* rules of engagement. When a terrorist bombs a bus, we just throw a dart at a map of mosques known to ferment hatred, training camps of these sons of **** and TOT barrage the say, half a block around it. Without warning. Terror? You want it, you got it...We'll stop killing your kids, wives and families when you stop first. You deface a church or synagog? Fine, we deface yours with water cannon filled with raw sewage...get the picture?

Start teaching for the future, not hatred. Start investing in the future, not Semtex, Start DEMANDING that your people act like people, rather than conniving, sneaky, cowardly psychotic little children in men's bodies and perhaps your lot will not only improve, but be a beacon for others to follow.


Ghosts past/present

Submitted by Mickey-T, Aug 17, 2009 15:20

Every religion-driven event of consequence had to have its martyrs, I don't insist on that--they have then and do now, and without fail it falls to the innocent children to provide the blood for fuel and flesh for fodder. That is one scre-filled production, but not surprise anyone today any more than "children's groups" gone before.


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Aug 8, 2010 20:57

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Jun 25, 2009 11:49

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Jun 20, 2009 13:51

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Jun 20, 2009 09:57

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Jun 19, 2009 22:30

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