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religion is the arsinic of the people

Submitted by james, Aug 4, 2009 19:00

Words are poision when they cause errors in thinking;that thinking then leading to actions;those actions then lead to consequences;those consequences care called the laws of the UNITED STATES;Adherents to any religion or movement that tries to take over our cgovernment shall be dealt with properly according to civilized procedures;Allah is my enemy if I am an American;allow me to prove it.


Mayor Daley's 'Windy City' is a mecca for Muslim recruitment: Hizb ut Tahrir and CAIR-Chicago gather at a Chicago Hilton and the Oak Brook Drury Lane.

Submitted by Jo Ellen Davey Cohen, Jul 28, 2009 22:58

The State of Illinois, and the City of Chicago in particular have been tarnished by the invitations to terrorist front organizations to set up shop and prosper. Like California, the 'Prarie State' is bankrupt and relishes any cash infusion to prop up the Illinois Department of Revenue. Enter Hizb ut Tahrir and CAIR-Chicago.


The Caliphate

Submitted by Gunther H. Schiff, Jul 27, 2009 00:37

I was taught some years ago that the Koran (quaran? ) specifically instructed that Muslims were to respect the adherents to Judaism and Christianity, and in the Muslim territories before they were driven out of Europe Charistians a;nd Jews were allowd to live and worship but had to pay a tax because they could not serve in the armed forces. Maybe my memory is faulty and I am unable to find my notes. If you read this comment and can furnish the appropriate surah of the Koran, I would apppreciate it.


Islamic dominance is a dead end and will die

Submitted by Ivan Soto, Jul 26, 2009 22:45

I'm certain that Hizb ut-Tahrir and his ilk can expect a very harsh future in mature democracies. We will cut them no slack. Failure to abide with the laws will net them loss of freedom. Their execrable belief system will fail.


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