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ISNA Speaker Decries Focus on Palestinian Incitement as "a Form of Islamophobia" IPT News September 10, 2018
Canada is Funding and Supporting Terrorism Front Groups with Taxpayers' Money Special to IPT News July 5, 2018
Blind Hate Drives a Wedge Among "Islamophobia" Hunters IPT News June 8, 2018
Ousting Pro-Gay Muslim Group Exposes ISNA's Hypocrisy IPT News July 14, 2017
Linda Sarsour's All-Star Team of Radical Theologians IPT News July 11, 2017
Paranoid Terrorist Apologism Dominates ISNA Convention in Chicago IPT News July 7, 2017
A Red Carpet for Radicals at the White House (127 comments) IPT News October 21, 2012
Jamal Badawi: Enduring Link to ISNA's Radical Past IPT News May 8, 2012
ISNA on the FBI: Friend or Foe? IPT News July 19, 2010
Exploiting the Luqman Abdullah Shooting (1 comment) IPT News November 3, 2009
More Anti-Semitism From an ISNA Outlet IPT News October 23, 2009
Conspiracy Theories, Terror Support Found in ISNA Convention Literature IPT News August 27, 2009
ISNA's Non-Apology Apology IPT News July 13, 2009
"Mainstream" Islamist Convention Features Hate Speech and Hezbollah Defense (9 comments) IPT News July 8, 2009
ISNA's Reform Hasn't Shed It of Radical Ideologues (8 comments) IPT News July 2, 2009
FBI Replaces Brotherhood-Tainted Liaison with Brotherhood-Tainted Liaison (4 comments) IPT News June 25, 2009
The Selective Outrage of American Islamists (1 comment) IPT News June 17, 2009
State Department Continues Islamist Outreach (7 comments) IPT News May 17, 2009
ISNA's Mattson to Speak at Inaugural Prayer Service IPT News January 20, 2009
Senator Pushes DOJ on Islamists IPT News November 19, 2008
Emerson Exposes Radical Ties of State Department Outreach Partners (14 comments) IPT News July 31, 2008
ISNA Admits Hamas Ties IPT News July 25, 2008
New Disclosures Tighten ISNA-Muslim Brotherhood Bonds (2 comments) IPT News July 22, 2008
ISNA, NAIT Seek to Edit History IPT News June 19, 2008
Looking Under a Rock: FBI and CIA Hit New Low in Recruitment Drive (1 comment) IPT News February 8, 2008
New IPT Profile: Muzammil Siddiqi (1 comment) IPT News December 21, 2007
MacFarquhar Strikes Again National Review Online September 6, 2007
Members of Congress in Letter to DOJ: Don't Co-Sponsor Radical Conference August 29, 2007
ISNA's Lies Unchallenged Again Counterterrorism Blog August 11, 2007

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Title Publication Date
Unregistered Pakistani Agent's Web of Deceit For The Record - The IPT Blog October 5, 2011
ISNA Canada Misspent $600,000 in Charity (3 comments) For The Record - The IPT Blog January 20, 2011
Memo to Louay Safi: We're not Bashing Muslims, We're Bashing You For The Record - The IPT Blog December 11, 2009
Another Problem ISNA Speaker For The Record - The IPT Blog July 17, 2009
Justice Department Recruits Civil Servants for ISNA Convention For The Record - The IPT Blog June 23, 2009