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Who else?

Submitted by JH, Jul 19, 2009 18:21

I would be interested in seeing a list of thise Jewish leaders who chose to participate in this gathering. One can understand the hateful rhetoric of Islamofascists; one can understand the political calculations of theObama administration; but how does one explain the groveling of some of our self-proclaimed spokespeople and leaders? Where is their self respect? Or are they all simply delusional?


They rewrite history

Submitted by Al Redwood, Jul 18, 2009 10:52

The Obama wrecking crew is rewriting, improvising history as they go along.

Facts, research is of no consequence when such an important agenda

as healing ht eoceans and curing our air is at stake. None of the so called

promises about turth, accountability, open records, government on the internet

happened so far. When it comes to National Security, who cares? This two bit

hustling jive artist will make us all long for Jimmy Carter. The war on terror was lost

before Bush left the White House, with radioactive Leftist agenda-built on lies,

manipualtion, and total distortions, it is only a matter of time before we get another 911,

because the masters of terror see us as weak, wobbly and utterly mindless.


Have We Lost Our Minds?

Submitted by diane, Jul 17, 2009 14:50

It is unthinkable that the Senior Advisor for Public Engagement and International Affairs of the United States of America addressed and thereby endorsed the ISNA convention. Our show of political correctness will be our demise!


anti-Semitic, homophobic rhetoric

Submitted by Ray Bell, Jul 17, 2009 14:23

Senior Advisor for Public Engagement and International Affairs Valerie Jarrett was allowed to speak at this anti-Semitic , Hamas-supporting conspiracy group and part of the Muslim Brotherhood..and HAD to have White House blessings and approval to do so. What does this say for our current government? What does this say for our lack of patriotism and national identity? Our constitution gives us freedom of speech, but this garbage is nothing more than vitriolic hate, intolerance, ignorance of history, and repetition of past anti-Semitic forgeries.

Why was this ever allowed to occur?? We need to ask Obama!


ISNA conference

Submitted by Toni, Jul 14, 2009 16:02

It is a shame that a conference was held and people sat there passively and were silent, that is a disgrace. The mere fact that Umar was allowed to speak and nobody disapproved of his language or virulent anti-semitic cries of indecency toward the Jews and others is an outrage.. where there anybody there who was knowledgeable about the inciteful communication that was allowed to exist at t his conference... and why was there a lack of response from anyone sitting in the audience? Giving the platform to a person with ideas of hatred and misconstrued information only bolsters this persons ability to want to reach out more and express his intolerant views... Why do we keep allowing these people to speak and if they speak, then where is the debate?


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Who else? [62 words]


Jul 19, 2009 18:21

They rewrite history [121 words]

Al Redwood 

Jul 18, 2009 10:52

Have We Lost Our Minds? [35 words]


Jul 17, 2009 14:50

anti-Semitic, homophobic rhetoric [96 words]

Ray Bell 

Jul 17, 2009 14:23

ISNA conference [131 words]


Jul 14, 2009 16:02

Hmmm intersting but what if [15 words]


Jul 9, 2009 11:27

Umar Thinking Is Ignorant Filth [47 words]


Jul 9, 2009 07:44

isna [15 words]


Jul 8, 2009 22:26

Umar's Comments at the ISNA Conference [49 words]

Patrick Dunleavy 

Jul 8, 2009 21:52

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