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Submitted by yuval Brandstetter MD, Jun 17, 2009 15:53

The image "can only serve to equate Islam with Nazism," said a letter to Wiesenthal Center founder Rabbi Marvin Hier from CAIR, the Muslim Public Affairs Council (MPAC) and the Islamic Shura Council of Southern California.

Well, one can find plenty of other images where islam amd muslim representatives are either Nazi, or Nazi-like. Such as Amin Al-Husseiny meeting Hitler. Such as the same mufti inspecting the Islamo-Nazi Bosnian "sword" brigade. Such as the Nazi salute shared by Hizzbullah and Hamas. Its all the same, supremacist theory mating with brutality and orwellian inversion of logic and history. Justice is killing 6 million Jews, and justice is the promise to repeat the deed using the arms kindly overlooked by the IAEA and US president barack Hussein.

CAIR is Islamist, and islamist justice is death and submission to all others.


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