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Unspoken protests

Submitted by Leland Cole, Jan 11, 2015 15:58

Congratulations to you, Imam Muxammil Siddiqi, for your efforts to teach Muslim children that ISIS is "...neither Islamic nor a State"! (Noted in the Register paper today) And please teach your followers to speak out strongly against Islamic Jihadists who invade and migrate into peaceful countries to commit mass murder. The silence of your followers in the face of these heinous crimes raises suspicions that these acts are secretly approved by all Muslims.

The laws of our land are designed by individuals who believe that all persons are free to believe as thay wish a d we do not have to agree with one another on matters of religion. The underlying principles are that Love (God is Love) and forgiveness override all conflicting religioeus doctrines. So our laws lead us to mutual acceptance and Free Speech even when expressions conflict with religious beliefs. In this way we can debate and refine ideas and laws that conflict with Love ("God" in any religion).

Prayerfully wishing you and your Muslim followers Good Will, Peace, and above all, Love, as you engage with the American people. Please continue protesting violence!


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