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American Islamists Mourn MB Cleric Who Defended Hitler and Called for Murdering Jews IPT News September 29, 2022
Pakistani Blasphemy Case Exposes Islamist Free Speech Hypocrisy IPT News January 7, 2020
Islamist Convention Features anti-Israel Disinformation, Caliphate Dreams IPT News January 6, 2020
IPT Exclusive: MAS Lied About School in Jihad Video Being a "Separate Entity" IPT News May 8, 2019
Anti-Semites, Terror Apologists Hide Behind Civil Rights Rhetoric on Capitol Hill IPT News May 15, 2018
Bazian Uses Islamist Convention to Push "Islamophobia" Scare IPT News May 5, 2017
Muslim Scholar: Group That Sponsored Ellison's Hajj a 'National Security Threat' IPT News December 19, 2016
IPT Exclusive: In Private Fundraiser, Ellison Blasted Israeli Influence Over U.S. Policy IPT News November 29, 2016
CAIR Protests Saudi Radical's Exclusion From U.S. (2 comments) IPT News December 27, 2012
A Red Carpet for Radicals at the White House (127 comments) IPT News October 21, 2012
Jamal Badawi: Enduring Link to ISNA's Radical Past IPT News May 8, 2012
IPT Exclusive: Under Oath, Alamoudi Ties MAS To Brotherhood (1 comment) IPT News March 14, 2012
Is the Occupy Wall Street Movement Occupied? IPT News November 29, 2011
American Islamists and Iranian Propaganda (1 comment) IPT News November 16, 2011
MAS' Activist Wing Closes Shop (1 comment) IPT News June 21, 2011
MAS Official: Bin Laden a "Visionary" (9 comments) IPT News May 6, 2011
MAS Ducks IPT Questions (1 comment) IPT News August 17, 2010
Mahdi Bray's Slippery Evasions (3 comments) IPT News June 10, 2010
The Selective Outrage of American Islamists (1 comment) IPT News June 17, 2009
Clinton Call on Obama's Speech Includes Jihad Advocate (1 comment) IPT News June 4, 2009
MAS' Esam Omeish Seeks Virginia Office IPT News May 1, 2009
Mahdi Bray: Voting With Conviction IPT News March 27, 2009
Mahdi Bray's Secret, Checkered Past (11 comments) IPT News March 25, 2009
Strange Bedfellows on the Campaign Trail IPT News January 14, 2008
MASterful Lies IPT News October 23, 2007
When Islamists Get Caught: MAS Edition IPT News October 2, 2007
IPT Footage Takes Down Omeish (5 comments) IPT News September 27, 2007
Muslim Scouts Political Program Raises Eyebrows IPT News September 23, 2007
Introducing the Muslim American Society IPT News September 18, 2007

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Title Publication Date
Judge Raps MAS-Tied School's Conduct For The Record - The IPT Blog October 18, 2010
The State Department's Islamist Partners (1 comment) For The Record - The IPT Blog July 23, 2009
More TIZA Troubles For The Record - The IPT Blog July 22, 2009
TIZA in a Tizzy For The Record - The IPT Blog July 22, 2009
Clinton Call on Obama's Speech Includes Jihad Advocate - Update (1 comment) For The Record - The IPT Blog July 2, 2009
Disclosure Proves MAS Paid for Ellison's Hajj For The Record - The IPT Blog June 16, 2009
Omeish's Secret Political Machine For The Record - The IPT Blog June 5, 2009