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Freedom's Journey Continues and the Work Remains Uninterrupted

Submitted by Khalilah Sabra, Jul 3, 2011 00:10

Discrimination is rife across America with serious impact on Muslim's access to fundamental rights. Governments, institutions and people have not taken appropriate action to stop the detrimental impact that discrimination has on society as a whole. Until this day comes, MAS will be at the forefront of the struggle.

Minorities, particularly Arab and African people, religious groups, and women continue to face widespread exclusion, intolerance and prejudice, which results in their being denied a wide range of legitimate rights. As long as this behavior continues, we will continue.

Muslim American Society has created a structure for progressive advocacy and challenged inequality and religious marginalization. We've won battles but we are determined to win the war against bigotry and injustice.

It is important to say that even as good things are generated, the growth process is not painless. It's a vulnerable position. The challenges is still there, but MAS pioneers have learned to push past it.

Biases, that create Islamophobia, are a barrier to meaningful engagement across lines of difference. Meaningful engagement is a prerequisite to a just society.

Years ago, the Muslim American Society created a model, a transformative movement in which young Muslim Americans could explore and expand their understanding of what justice and inclusion means. The Society's work has given Islamic communities the opportunity to stand in the center of American life rather than on the margins. Today, tomorrow and in the years to come, we remain committed to this goal. We hope you will join us in this effort.

Khalilah Sabra

Executive Director

Muslim American Society Immigrant Justice Center



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