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agree to disagree?

Submitted by c-mo, May 10, 2011 21:27

Let's agree to disagree about the death of bin Laden??!??!

That is exactly what is wrong with the naive mentality of multiculturalism in the West. If a nazi was openly espousing nazism in America after Hitler died, would we 'agree to disagree' about it? When will people wake up to the fact that Islam is a totalitarian ideology that demands submission, not a religion like Christianity or Judaism or Hinduism to be tolerated. Islam does not coexist peacefully, Islam dominates. Read the Koran, read the Hadiths. Get a translation as close to classic Arabic as possible, as some of the translations are slightly altered and sugar-coated to appear more benign (this is called Taqiyya, the Muslim practice of lying to the masses to advance the goals of Islam).

So foolish.


Really an action of the minority?

Submitted by kalpak dabir, May 9, 2011 10:23

Is radical Islam really an act of the minority?

Historically, Islam has principally spread by the force of the sword. All the way to India, which had no quarrel with any of the Arabic tribes. This is waaaay before even Pakistan was thought of, so no Kashmir excuses please.

Even though there is clear proof that some of the Mosques in India, are built on destroyed temples, there is no mass movement among Muslims that they should be returned back to their original religion. And yet it is supposed to be said in Koran that desecration of other religious houses is not permitted.

Even the equally vile Roman Catholic church finally had dissenters who helped the silent majority break away.

So when will the muslim majority break free?


Response to Khalilah Sabra

Submitted by Domenick F. De Rose Sr, May 7, 2011 16:13

Citizens who react the way you have expressed in your comment. chose to do so because like you, we too are victims of radicalism. However, you condemn others for reacting the way humans do in the face of radical Islamic Imposition and terrorist fear. They did not choose to be apprehensive of, be proccupied with and make concessions for an evident Islamic agenda.

It was thrust upon them by terrorist actions in corroboration with Jihadist doctrine in the Koran. What would you have them do, ignore the suffering, ignore the Koran, ignore the truth and not react accordingly ? Like you, I too am sorry that the reaction is the way it is.

What is an unfortunate truth is that radical Islam in accordance with the Koran has made it impossible to determine who and when, one is telling the truth. The truth is that Usama Bin Laden died because he killed 3,000 innocent men women and children period You asked for respectful dialoque and truth, however your comments lack what you made a point, to ask for..


My Response to Your Accusation / My Request for Respectful Dialogue and Truth

Submitted by Khalilah Sabra, May 7, 2011 03:12

Every human being has a vision. Some become completely distorted and lead to acts of madness, it's unfortunate but it happens. The sickness sinks in and perverted impulses clouds what should be naturally sane. This was the case with Osama Bin Laden. My vision is different and it is the only one for which I am accountable. My vision has evolved from the democracy for which I was born into. It allows for you to practice your faith and for me to practice mine. I have no wish to impose my beliefs on anyone else and want nothing more than mutual respect. I believe that my United States Constitution allows for that and I do not seek to replace it with any other political ideology or any other religious laws. As a citizen of this country, I pledge my allegiance to abide by the rules of this country. For those who are incline to follow another form of government, they always have the option of leaving, regardless of their faith.

Any Muslim who commits a crime should be subjected to the penalties established by the laws of this land. It is, however, his or her right to be tried and if convicted, suffer the consequences. Contrary to endless stereotypes, the real practitioners of Islam want very much too see human beings linked to one another.

Why do you insist to judge the majority for the actions of a minority? We all owe our existence to the knowledge,technique and the efforts of those who have gone before us. They came from many religions and wore different shades of color. Some were Muslim, some Jewish and some Christian, yet every group has their share of evil. As much as I hate evil, I respect the American court system's administration of justice.

You cannot claim to know mw more than I know myself and I readily admit my beliefs.

People like Pamela Gellar and Steve Emerson seem to be able to gather quite an audience so why not use it for the good? Despite the misery and suffering so many have felt the last ten years, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Walk towards the light! Tolerance and respectful dialogue undoubtedly requires courage. Why not exercise some and stop judging others by superstitions and untruths.

I have worked in refugee camps assisting women traumatized by war. I worked with a group that took food to orphans. I have never turned a weapon on any man and it is not in my nature to do so.

When will people learn, America will achieve a healthy sense of democratic identity, only when people abandon racism and religious bigotry.

When you seek to paint a person by telling lies and creating hatred, you are the one who, psychologically, has stepped away from all things relating to American democracy and justice. Why would you choose to cause hurt and harm when you have the stage to do good? Why would one man or woman work so passionately to make one group of people hate another. This is what led Bin Laden to his fate. it is what destroyed him. It will not benefit you, anymore than it did him. His and your actions are motivated by raw self-interest. Shame on you all. You are as callous as you accuse others of being.

You and I agree, Muslim community efforts to quash radicalism must go beyond mere talk. There must be continued efforts made through community policing and cooperation with law enforcement. It serves no purpose to scoff at people who are well-intentioned and trying to make a difference.

By the way, I never defended Boyd, I defended his right to due process- nothing more and nothing less, nor did I ever mention a "Caliphate" anywhere or at anytime.

The worst lie is the one with half-truths and bad intentions. it serves no purpose. It does not educate, but only empowers ignorance and fear.

If a man wants to be considered an expert in his field, let him try to be as accurate as possible or he should resist making such a claim.


Khalilah Sabra

Muslim American Society


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