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Submitted by Kevin, Jan 4, 2016 22:18

Wow Mahdi Bray's story inspires me, what an amazing man to have overcome to much and rise to his level. The amount of positive work he has done surely outweighs this nonsense, he is indeed a role model and leader.


Thank you =)

Submitted by Goodman, Jan 2, 2011 09:58

Thanks for writing this article to bring up another example of a truley successful person who regardless of his trouble past, was able to overcome his problems and not only be a rightous individual but also a one who has a positive effect on society. Unlike him who moved on to a greater future, you chose to live in the dark past.


Crooks is Crooks

Submitted by MAC DADDY, Aug 19, 2010 00:04

Another opertunistic criminal who is no different from elite politicians. Didn't the Kennedy clan get their start in drug running? Yes Alcohol is a drug! The song remains the same bad people get press releases and the rest of us want to go to work. WHERE ARE THE jOB OPPORTUNITY'S WHICH THE ELITE oBAMA PROMISED??



Submitted by Pauli, Aug 18, 2010 22:02

There are many politicians in Washington who have done worse then this, they simply are above the law.


bray bashing

Submitted by monique, Apr 27, 2009 15:27

And your point is what,you have all of this information about a man you dont know.

Let us take a peek inside of your closet and see what rotten bones we can find.

sounds to me that no mtter how much time he spends screwing up the planet he still has time to

make a positive movement.while you spend your time investigating him,seems he spends his time changing the world one day at a time.In short you are the fool and he no matter how distorted is the wise man.


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Nice [40 words]


Jan 4, 2016 22:18

Thank you =) [62 words]


Jan 2, 2011 09:58

Crooks is Crooks [55 words]


Aug 19, 2010 00:04

politicians [18 words]


Aug 18, 2010 22:02

bray bashing [90 words]


Apr 27, 2009 15:27

Our Mediocre Leaders both in Government and in the Corporate Sector [76 words]

Carol Bailenson 

Mar 30, 2009 14:26

Everyone one has Skeletons in their closets.. so what this was 20 yrs ago [130 words]

Rick Kline 

Mar 27, 2009 14:59

I pity the fool [81 words]


Mar 27, 2009 03:55

Bray [11 words]

Bill Calvin 

Mar 26, 2009 22:27

Infidels [47 words]


Mar 26, 2009 21:11

Amazing story [55 words]

Caralyn Patterson 

Mar 26, 2009 21:03

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