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Title Publication Date
Jenin, Jerusalem and Intentional False Equivalence IPT News January 31, 2023
New Leila Khaled Talks Remain on YouTube Despite Her Praise for Terrorism IPT News December 14, 2022
Israel Bashers Jump on Gaza Fighting While Giving a Pass to Palestinian Islamic Jihad IPT News August 8, 2022
New York Rally's Transparent Support for Terrorism IPT News April 21, 2022
Banning American Zionists Changes Nothing, Increases Hate IPT News June 23, 2021
"Wokeism" Energizes Antisemitism IPT News April 26, 2021
Israel Bashers' Straw Man Argument Targets Facebook's Rumored Anti-Zionist Policy Change IPT News February 24, 2021
Jewish Voice for Peace Fights to Preserve Anti-Zionist Hatred Online IPT News February 23, 2021
Sarsour Group Backs "No Zionists" Juneteenth Rally IPT News June 23, 2020
Ignoring All Others, Anti-Israel Campus Groups Use Coronavirus to Attack Israel IPT News April 3, 2020
Grim CAIR-NY Banquet Raises Fear for Muslims in America IPT News December 18, 2019
Tenured Columbia Professor Endorses Terrorism Against Israel IPT News November 15, 2019
Pitzer College President's Principled Boycott Rejection IPT News April 2, 2019
Recommendation Letter Flap Illustrates Increasingly Hostile Campus Climate for Israel Supporters IPT News November 5, 2018
U.S.-Based Israel Bashers' Fury and Disapproval Over Trump's Jerusalem Recognition IPT News December 7, 2017
ISIS's Fall Means Fewer Terror Deaths As Jihadis Adjust, IPT Analysis Shows IPT News November 28, 2017
Sarsour's Anti-Semitism Campaign Minimizes Anti-Semitism IPT News May 9, 2017
BDS Contributes to Palestinians' Plight IPT News April 6, 2017

Blog Posts

Title Publication Date
Vassar President Criticizes Anti-Semitic Protests Against Israeli Speaker For The Record - The IPT Blog November 20, 2019
Keith Ellison Embraces Anti-Semitic UK Leader Jeremy Corbyn For The Record - The IPT Blog July 3, 2019
Bogus Apartheid Claims Follow Passage of Israel Nation-State Law For The Record - The IPT Blog August 1, 2018
Violent Threats Against Star Argentina Player Results in 'Peaceful' BDS Win For The Record - The IPT Blog June 7, 2018
Terror Sparks Misguided Rage Against Israel For The Record - The IPT Blog July 24, 2017
Jewish Voice for Peace: Fatal Jerusalem Terrorist Attack "Grim," But Gaza For The Record - The IPT Blog July 16, 2017
Students for Justice in Palestine Normalizes Hatred For The Record - The IPT Blog July 7, 2017
U.S.-Backed Syrian Rebel Commander Boasts of Fighting With AQ Affiliate For The Record - The IPT Blog June 28, 2016