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IPT Report Exposes ICNA's Radical Domestic Agenda IPT News June 17, 2019
"Cherry Picked and Out of Context" – Deception Dominates ICNA Co-Sponsored "Inventing Terrorists" Report IPT News May 20, 2019
IPT Investigation Reveals ICNA Partner's Close Ties to Kashmiri Jihadists IPT News December 5, 2017
Bazian Uses Islamist Convention to Push "Islamophobia" Scare IPT News May 5, 2017
CAIR Protests Saudi Radical's Exclusion From U.S. (2 comments) IPT News December 27, 2012
ICNA Embraces America's Favorite Salafi Preacher IPT News August 1, 2012
ICNA Relief Promotes Jihad Donations (1 comment) IPT News May 2, 2012
ICNA's Radicalization Continues (1 comment) IPT News April 25, 2012
Report Claims ICNA Imam Facing Indictment IPT News March 22, 2012
American Islamist Groups Mum on Iranian Repression IPT News March 8, 2012
Is the Occupy Wall Street Movement Occupied? IPT News November 29, 2011
Making Martyrs of the Irvine 11 (3 comments) IPT News October 3, 2011
ICNA Still Promotes Radical Texts IPT News September 9, 2011
The World According to Amir Mertaban (1 comment) IPT News June 1, 2011
TV Networks Promote Evangelical Islamists (2 comments) IPT News May 9, 2011
ICNA Sponsors Fundamentalist's Roadshow IPT News October 22, 2010
Moderate Muslims Speak Out on Capitol Hill (9 comments) IPT News October 1, 2010
Promoting Radical Ideas – What ICNA Demands of its Members (2 comments) IPT News August 10, 2010
ICNA's Rhetoric Doesn't Match its Books IPT News July 8, 2010
ICNA's Radical Reading List IPT News April 27, 2010
ICNA's Search for Radicalism Should Start Within (5 comments) IPT News December 15, 2009

Blog Posts

Title Publication Date
Eyewitness Places ICNA Official at Bangladesh Mass Killings For The Record - The IPT Blog September 10, 2013