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Submitted by wri7913, Oct 16, 2011 23:39


I support the prosecution of the Irvine 11. They are more than welcome to exercise their free speech. They are not allowed by the state of CA from preventing others from doing so as well. Sorry but that is the Law. The court has decided the Irvine11 broke the law.

If the Irvine 11 wanted to exercise their free speech in this instance, they would have been welcome to do so outside the forum or request equal speaking time (if the forum decided to allow it). Shouting down someone giving a speech is not exercising the First Amendment. It is being belligerent and deliberately provocative.


Understanding Free Speech

Submitted by DEF MD, Oct 15, 2011 19:57

This is not a case of "double standards" - The hecklers have every right to their own meetings, public protests, press conferences, speeches - What they CAN'T do is take away the free speech from others. Anyone who think this is about the heckler's right to free speech is dimwitted - This is about allowing ALL parties the right to free speech without disruption or intimidation - If a bunch of anti-Muslim bigots went to a mosque and started yelling, they should and will be prosecuted just as well -


Double Standards

Submitted by NerdCrunch, Oct 5, 2011 03:01

It is ok to burn Quran, hurl abuses at Muslims, harass them, discriminate against them but you cannot protest against Israeli ambassador. Shame on people who support the prosecution of Irvine11.


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