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Treasonous to Support Tenure of Siddique

Submitted by Roxanne, Aug 27, 2015 21:08

To retain this man in a role of influence is indeed dangerous. He cannot promote the destruction of the United States on any basis, regardless of his standing among his native community. Lincoln should be given an ultimatum, and this man deported.


When hate is rewarded

Submitted by DRHazard, Aug 26, 2015 23:51

Every time Lincoln University sends this primitive bigot a paycheck they are rewarding stupidity, racism, lying, immaturity, incompetence, arrogance, rage and even criminality. The second message they are sending is tacitly and broadly accepted; as long as your not white and western you can unashamedly write, speak and behave as a hate monger. The worst that will happen to such a person is that they will get a boost to their professional status. The white, westerner acting similarly would be destroyed in every way legally possible and might very well end up fearing for their lives.

Freedom of expression requires that we all allow for idiots to abuse the right. But it doesn't require that someone continue to remain on the payroll of the organization that gives that idiot a pulpit. But only white men are the ones who get fired, and for comments that are relatively harmless but somehow manage to offend somebody. Underlying all of it is the clear, unspoken belief that only people who are white and western can be expected to behave decently and are therefore the only group held to account.


Conspiratorial sedition is a felony.

Submitted by Pigasis, Aug 25, 2015 11:00

The Smith Act is still in the inventory. He'll make a fine defendant.


Double Standard?

Submitted by William Devillis, Aug 25, 2015 07:11

If Professor Siddique had written in on line newsletter, posted on Facebook or taught his class that (N word) were the most violent people in America and Ns are bringing America down and that America's greatest shame was ending slavery and that we need to being back the tree and the noose for all Ns and on and on with such hateful racist ideas, would Lincoln University still stick to their policy about free speech? I think we all know the answer. He would've been told to remove himself from campus the next day because such hatred cannot be tolerated. Unless the hate speech is directed at Jews.


to bring about understandings between people should be the goal

Submitted by Bernice, Aug 24, 2015 21:50

Freedom of speech should not justify hate speech and speech that incite actions that are harmful to innocent people.


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Treasonous to Support Tenure of Siddique [42 words]


Aug 27, 2015 21:08

When hate is rewarded [186 words]


Aug 26, 2015 23:51

Conspiratorial sedition is a felony. [13 words]


Aug 25, 2015 11:00

Double Standard? [108 words]

William Devillis 

Aug 25, 2015 07:11

to bring about understandings between people should be the goal [19 words]


Aug 24, 2015 21:50

Siddique is a muzlim thug hiding behind the First Amendment [986 words]


Aug 24, 2015 19:36

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