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Submitted by P.C.Barman, Dec 13, 2014 02:48

Isis are mainly Shia and most likely financed by major Sunni princes of Saudi Arabia, Qatar and they most likely aim to eradicate all religion except Shia. West has to get there head out of there asses and face the reality.


The same kind of argument could be made about fundamentalist,literalist Christians

Submitted by Contra Idolatry, Dec 11, 2014 04:25

Those who gravitate to literalist interpretations of sacred writings suffer from a kind of idolatry which infuses the Divine within finite concepts and practices prescribed over a thousand and sometimes 2500 years ago in their sacred writings. That is certainly true of fundamentalist jihadist Muslims in countries where education levels about modern knowledge is limited. But it also applies to literalist fundamentalist Christians. Christians do not stone couples who commit adultery or children who do not mind their parents or those who utter blasphemy. But if you are committed to a literal intepretation of the Bible as applying to you, you should do that. Alternatives to literalist fundamentalist religions are those who stress personal and immediate experience of God as of something ineffable but wonderful. Religion is a personal matter of one's relation to that that there is something and not nothing, personal responsibility, and love of fellow men and other creatures. They can interpret some things in their sacred writings as more primitive concepts of religion, relative to the cultural context of the writers, to the human fallibility of ancient prophets who proclaim the necessity of establishing certain practices about society of their times. There is no doubt that Muhammad had religious experiences of the Divine, but his leadership of a community beset with enemies often led to cruel and harsh treatment of them, uncharacteristic of one who saw the Divine through all things, and more characteristic of fallible humanity. Even by the time of Christ and the centuries following there were Christians, like the Gnostics who stressed personal religious experiences as opposed to strict observance of external practices prescribed by religious authorities.

So, just as Christianity had to make way for modernism and science, Islam too has to do the same. Rather than trying to force the liberal Muslims into the mould of the ultra-fundamentalist terrorists who believe they are doing God's Will and Work, we should give the liberals support. But this author, I suspect, is a literalist also, who wants to fight it out on text versus text, and hold all Moslems to the literal interpretation of the Koran, while perhaps ignoring the implications of literal interpretations of the Old Testament.

To me idolatry is treating finite things as one's Ultimate Concern. And Christ as God sacrificed on the Cross to atone for all men's sins is a symbol of a God that does not demand you sacrifice yourself to something finite, an idol, but sacrifices Himself that you may be saved. But establishing a Caliphate and beheading all those who do not accept that is infusing and confusing the Divine in a finite social structure. Anyone who knows modern astronomy and the vastness of the Universe will find it hard to take seriously such claims that humans must on pain of death submit themselves to a particular form of government and practices. It is but a finite idol asserting its finite powers to control men.


Islam IS the problem

Submitted by ALC, Dec 11, 2014 03:20

It is all a ridiculous scam to say ISIS/ISIL has nothing to do with Islam. People saying this is the result of an overly politically correct world, especially driven by those in Europe. Germany was given overly liberal immigration laws, understandably, after World War II, but the protection of Western Europe by the USA has made the Europeans absolutely stupid when it comes to their own safety. With the exception of the creation of Israel the entire world pretended the Middle East were just a bunch of old world savages, posed zero threat, and forgot the muslim world was all for the Nazi's. Since we have seen the proliferation of muslims pour through the non-existent borders of Europe and create all types of problems. Where did Ruhollah khomeini go right before the press created a huge buzz and he rode back to Iran....France. Where were the people behind the Berlin attacks found by the Israeli's?...many were in Europe. Europe has both a Muslim problem, no borders, and anti-semitism. Because of all that they are terrified of calling things what they are because they are literally being held hostage. Where are all the "moderate Muslims?" No where to be seen. Any of them that do pop up would likely be dead immediately if the showed up in the Middle East and would likely be killed with the blessing of "Moderates" in the area. When Islam appeared, we in Western History are no longer told about the Great Jihad and how Muslims conquered much of the world. Part of that is because that was in what the Christian west calls the Dark Ages, and Islam was the enlightened cause, but instead we are now taught about the horrible Crusades, the inquistion, and the death of Native Americans. When the christians discovered the new world we had a renniasance and Islam retreated. Sadly, they retreated and decided to stop progressing. They now have forgot they were actually a semi tolerant religion and tell a fairy tale about needing to kill non muslims and that progress is evil. I am an atheist, but I always cringe when people say that Christains have been just as bad. Yes, but Christians aren't hacking innocent peoples heads off and holding hostages. throwing acid in the faces of girls for going to school or any such things. Do you want to know how to tell if a religion is one that is completely led by complete psychopaths? Watch the leaders talk about things that you know they are completely lying about. They will do so with the calmest demeanor on the planet. They will sit almost motionless, and they will have the most disgusting looking fake smile you will ever see on the face of anyone. Don't believe it? Look at any cult leader interviews before they and their followers were killed or committed mass suicide. That it the way about 95% of all muslim leaders appear in interviews. Does ISIS/ISIL have anything to do with Islam. The answer is that they have more to do with islam than even Islamic leaders will tell you. They threaten Islamic Leaders because ISIS/ISIL is EXACTLY what islam is,


my opinion

Submitted by mike, Dec 6, 2014 03:15

It is more than the religion or the ideology. Certain ethnic groups and various individuals are more violent and less thoughtful than others. More intelligent peoples are usually much less inclined to violence. These peoples will be resistant to any ideology that promotes violence against anyone. You don't see modern Christians advocating any of the violence that Christianity of earlier times considered acceptable, like tortures and executions of heretics. The ignorant primitive cultures where Islam prevails today are where violence against women and non believers is acceptable. It is not complicated, these 'apologists' as the author calls them are simply multiculturalist, self despising white people and they are so messed up with their 'issues' that they can't think straight, they can't acknowledge truth, because it means acknowledging that their own belief system is wrong.


History Repeats Itself

Submitted by Richard Falk, Dec 6, 2014 03:03

It should be noted that the Old Testament has stories of revenge, violence, war, etc. The following just lists murders of all sorts:


Christianity had the Crusades (roughly 1100-1300) and the Spanish (and Roman and Portuguese) Inquisition (roughly 1230-1330), etc. This wasn't just some off-shoot either, but at least in part from the mainstream of the religion (Roman Catholic Church).

So Christ died in 30-33 and Muhammad in 632. Looks like coincidentally Islam is working through its violent phase as Christianity did 700-900 years earlier. This in no way justifies the violence, but perhaps you could look at how Christianity became more peaceful and acknowledged their past. Oh that's right, it took 700 years for such acknowledgement from the top:


Let's hope that Islam grows up faster than Christianity.


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