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Nov 7, 2014 14:10

She is a killer and liar with support from CAIR and we are supposed to let that go?? If she cannot be honest and has ties to bombings there is no way for us to know she has changed and therefore should not allow her to stay in the USA.



Submitted by Alexi, Apr 10, 2014 09:31

When these people value LIFE over death there will be PEACE. And not one moment beforehand.

But first, they have to stop lying about it.


I Support Rasmea

Submitted by Barbara Griffith, Apr 9, 2014 01:20

I will ask one question, why are these people allowed inside the United States? These people are terrorists. The FBI must know this but they are doing nothing about it, why is that? Don't anyone remember 9/11? I remember the article in the newspaper about the Middle Eastern kids in a class room that had windows that looked out at the twin towers that had all brought their cameras to school, the teacher asked why and one kid piped up that after today the towers wouldn't be there anymore. All of these kids heard this at home and at the Mosque they attend so it was well known what was going to happen yet not one Muslim came forward and told law enforcement about what was going on. The FBI was supposed to have investigated this but I never saw anymore about it in any newspaper. This group of Muslims are here for one reason and that's to raise money for the terrorists that want Israel wiped off the map. I do believe we have one of the most naive governments in history with these people pulling at the bit to be allowed inside our schools. This is what has happened to Europe the Muslims want to take over because of their numbers.


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