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the reason

Submitted by Jim, Mar 7, 2015 18:27

the United States and Britain were the driving forces behind removing the Palestinians from their homes after World War II and moving the Jews into their what had been their territory.

To the Jewish people it was a homecoming of mysttical proportions....to the Arabs who had lived their for 1900 years.....since the diaspora of the Roman Empire in the first century......it was just another invasion they have had to endure and they are still in the middle of the invasion and fighting it.

To the Israelis and Christians you read the bible or torah and find a command from god telling you go kill anyone who does not believe. it is in Luke 19:27 where Jesus said "bring me those who do not accept me as king and behead them".


Cruise Missile

Submitted by Dave, Jul 12, 2014 00:47

Someone needs to send the United States Air Force the grid coordinates for this television station so we can stop the lunatics from teaching more kids to be crazy. One Cruise missile and the tv station will no longer transmit.


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