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What about other transferts

Submitted by yunan godblessings, Jul 29, 2009 04:17

What about jews found transfert the zionist state ?


The American justice system at work

Jul 5, 2009 14:28

This is actually a triumph of our country. Our system is open, people may do what they please for the most part. These people wanted to exploit that openness. It worked for a little while, but when caught they were punished and our system still stands.

We don't need to change our system, it already works.


Clean your environment.

Submitted by Norma Fares, May 29, 2009 12:11

If saving the spirit of America --i.e. The land of [constructive and progressive] dreams-- require reforming Democracy --that is being widely and dangerously abused by new American-Hamas-Hezbollah-AlQaead-and-Co-citizens-- please go ahead. Please reinforce the values of Democracy at the American good people. Please kick out all those who have difficulties in to understanding those values. Get them back to where they truly belong i.e. to their native-hatred-nations i.e. Majority of Arab-hatred-countries.

I'm not an American citizen. Although what is bad for your nation i.e. keep or to preserve its spirit, is also bad for me i.e. a Middle easterner who is starving for Peace[of mind] living!


Prosecution of Hamas supporter

May 28, 2009 14:52

I commend Judge Solis for his sentencing of the people involved in HLF. What an outrage that these people come here and take millions from unsuspecting generous people and funnel it to an organization that is contrary to what America stands for!! Keep up the good work of prosecuting these terrorists and informing the general public!! God Bless you.

Sonja in Florida


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