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Character and trust

Submitted by Dan, Oct 11, 2011 17:38

As Jim suggests, I'm very suspicious of this plot. The timing, the use of a DEA informant, mind you, NOT an undercover DEA agent. An informant is likely a nefarious subject, so whether that nefarious subject was the instigator of the plot has to be taken into consideration. The title of my comment is my point; when the Attorney General cannot be trusted, how can anything that comes out of the Department which he leads be trusted? To me, it can't be, and that is the reason he must resign.


Red Flag

Submitted by Jim, Oct 11, 2011 15:52

I call BS on this story. It is a distraction from fast and furious. This administration will do anything to distract and deflect, although I would not put anything past the murderous Iranians, they would have to be pretty stupid to try this here stateside. it has RED FLAG written all over it!


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