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The Census Bureau's New Building Has 1,508,013 Feet of Floorspace

Submitted by Resident Apt.1, Jun 4, 2010 15:50

How much floor space does the Census Bureau need? Their new building, completed in 2007, is 1,100 feet long (that's 20 feet longer than three football fields). It has 8 floors and has 1,508,013 square feet of floorspace. It cost taxpayers 331 million dollars and it is just 16 miles from the Dar Al-Hijah Islamic Center in Alexandria, Va.



Who were the dim bulbs in charge of finding this place to rent??

Submitted by Mimi, May 23, 2010 14:03

That should be researched too, might shed some light...


A Zionist support?

Submitted by Yaqub, May 22, 2010 10:13

I bet this fool has been sending money to the zionist state, so they can continue to kill and displace Muslims and Christians. I am American. If you don't like the efforts of the government in renting space from Muslims...don't wander (sic) in the wilderness, just leave America and go back to where ever you came from, and take those bastards that think like you, with you!!!


so lets garnish the rent from the terrorists

Submitted by boker, May 14, 2010 17:01

sounds like a win win situation... garnish the rent. census gets some the space and feds get a rebate! how do we let these terrorists supporters own u.s. property anyway?



Submitted by MaryHolloway Love, May 12, 2010 10:19

How can anyone in ANY Administration justify adding monies to the coffers of those known to be supporting terrorists organizations, especially those that are active in killing American troops in foreign countries and planning and executing acts of terror and murder here on American Soil, while we are fighting overseas to stop the threat? How DARE a government agency lease an office space from an KNOWN ISLAMIC Organization with TIES to terrorists, and KNOWN FINANCIAL SUPPORTERS AS WELL? Something is terribly terribly wrong in this, when insurgents who are armed, not just with weapons, but with our laws and our different government departments who don't talk to each other , allows this to happen. It is a desecration of those that died and all those that died to make America the Greatest Country on Earth, a place of Refuge for all who needed a safe place. Now it is not even safe for it's own CITIZENS, as illegal immigration (quite a few are Islamics) threatens the life and property of Americans where they are coming across the border.

When will we just give the Islamic Extremists the KEYS TO the CITIES and the entire American Population that is left will WANDER IN THE WILDERNESS?


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