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Thanks steve!!

Submitted by Hassan, Jan 5, 2010 18:40

Hi Steve,

Baraka Allahu fik!! thank you for uncovering these double-faced islamists. You have no idea how many Muslim-Americans out there are fed up of CAIR and their fellow Saudi-funded groups. These orgs are radicalizing our kids, tarnishing our name and making other Americans suspicious of us.

You are right, main stream media gives these Islamists a pass because many of them are too afraid of being called racist if they were to ask tough questions. The reality is, that sooner or later, CAIR will be taken to task, not only for their HAMAS ties, but for tarnishing the image of Muslims in this country through their antics and ridiculous positions. Sooner or later..


Keep up the good work Steve

Submitted by dst1964, Dec 26, 2009 12:51


I am always so impressed at your dilligence and insight into the Muslim Extremist movements throughout the world. So many people in the US are so naive in their understanding of what is really going on in this Jihad. They are so passive now that 911 is so far in our rear view mirror. They simply don't want to continue to be on guard in this struggle and just wish that it would all go away. Keep up your excellent work of keeping us informed!


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