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Dec 17, 2009 12:07

If African Americans had the same feeling about their white brothers back in the 50's, 60's, etc. "when lynching and bombing churches in the name of religion" was OK for the good ole boys and the KKK, and nobody was tried for those acts, where would this country be? If they blamed all white people for the acts of some, what would have become of this great country. Hypocrasy!!!!

All muslims are not to blame just as all whites were not to blame for the hate speaches back then. Maybe we should do a better job at bringing the guilty to justice now then what we did back then????


Mostly in Agreement

Submitted by Everyday American, Dec 10, 2009 21:01


I do not disagree with much of what you say. I completely agree that our police and other investigative agencies have dropped the ball and given in to political correctness. I firmly believe that Muslim organizations must be examined, mosques and mosque sermons surveilled, individual suspects detained and interrogated, illegals deported, and I would prefer that the penalties for terrorism be enhanced.

My point is that even if the innocent Muslims are in the minority, and I have no reason to believe that either way, innocent people must not pay legally for the sins of their coreligionists. We have the tools to root out evildoers, if only we will apply them properly and stringently. Political correctness is what will aid the Islamists in killing us, not living up to what is best in America.

We will win the war against fundamentalist Islam only by being smarter, stronger, and better than it. If we allow them to destroy our ideals, even if we win, it will be a pyrrhic victory.


Cost of morals?

Submitted by overmyhead, Dec 10, 2009 10:02

Dear EA,

Unfortunately technology allows just a few to cause great destruction. The point being if large percentages of young Muslims think killing us infidels is ok and Islam is their guide, then on principle of equality you willingly take this risk? So you can sleep well, er actually, die well seems more appropiate. It is the age we are in, like it or not. So what morals can we afford? Are some likely to get us killed? As my moniker suggest these are beyond my wisdom, but to ask what about the Muslims among us is not fear mongering, it is simply a obvious difficulty. It should be discussed.


Innocent People

Submitted by Everyday American, Dec 9, 2009 20:07

I do not agree with the above comment. Innocent people cannot and should not be held guilty for the actions of other adults, even their own family members. We are not at war with Muslims who abide by our laws and who wish to live up to American ideals, and there are many such people. Groupthink is unreasonable, unfair, and ultimately unAmerican.

We are at war with people who wish us harm. In the modern world many of these people are Muslim. They interpret their religion strictly, and use the cover of Islam to work out their own inadequacies and personal demons on the rest of the world. It is surely unfortunate that Islam has not gone through an Enlightenment and remains a primitive and unreformed faith. But many Muslims take the good things of their religion and ignore the bad. Many of the rest of us who believe in other religions do the same.

The evil which the Islamists do is real, and must be resisted and vanquished by civilized people for the good of humanity. But, in doing so, we must not lower ourselves to their level.


Muslim terrorists in the midst

Submitted by rose, Dec 9, 2009 16:50

If these individuals hate America to the point that they are willing to fight Americans in the battlefield, what the hell are they doing in this country? who are their parents? I think their parents together with the radicals should leave and go back to their muslim countries. These are not students or citizens of this country, but CANCER.


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