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CAIR is a terrorist organization, however Obama is nothing like a promoter of Islam.

Submitted by Lykos, Dec 7, 2009 20:17

John you can't be serious. He has CAIR people on the Homeland Security board. He went to school in Indonesia in his formative years. He sits in a church for 20 years that preaches hate for America. Get a grip on reality. Drop the PC Obama worship routine.


Islam needs to respect America for what it stands for

Submitted by leigh wallace, Dec 5, 2009 23:43

After reading this article, I have come to realize that people whom practice Islam need to respect America. I was born here in America. If I had not been and had the opportunity to come here to live, I would be grateful for the new life it would instill in me. But, I would not be so aggressive due to my religious beliefs that I would make my entire life's goals to make everyone convert to Islam. A person must remember that America was founded on the freedom of religion practices. Just because you may be of the Islam religion, and you have come to America to live, it does not mean that you have to make all of America convert to Islam. To do so and to strive to do so, is breaking the law of America's freedom of choice in religion. Americans are very picky about their own choice of religion and when any group(s) starts to make threats or try to initiate changes to a persons choice of religion and to take that freedom away, you are walking into territory that is not yours to claim. For one thing, America has all types of religions here practicing their faiths. If someone starts pushing their beliefs onto others with the accumulation of threats along with threats of taking over America due to that religious belief, they are going to be hit with a big fight, one that they will never win. America is the land where all religions are to be respected but only as those whom respect do they get that in return


Prevent the comming Shahiids

Submitted by Arden Callahan, Dec 5, 2009 11:04

TV/radio station Al-Jazeera has for years been encouraging muslim families to donate their children to be a Shahiid. This was their warfare in Israel, and hundreds of Israelis were killed by these walking bombs. If Al-Jazeera's license is not revoced by the FCC, we can expect Islam's warfare to continue in the USA.


Right on the Button

Submitted by Anne, Dec 4, 2009 15:27

PatriotUSA-- I couldn't have said it any better. Thanks


CAIR is a terrorist organization, however Obama is nothing like a promoter of Islam.

Submitted by John Toradze, Dec 4, 2009 14:54

It is not wise to push sensible liberals into the camp of CAIR apologists by falsely accusing Obama of promotion of Islam. The fact is that most people make their most important decisions based on whether they like somebody, not the merits of the matter. When people on the fence hear such stuff, it makes it difficult for them to evaluate information objectively.

Obama, during his early campaign, stated that he would ignore Pakistan's sovereignty and send troops in when GW Bush was kowtowing to Musharraf. He has said other things in unguarded moments that show that as a Christian, Obama is definitely not pro-Islam. Obama's so-called ties to Islam are purely from childhood necessity. He is, under Islam, a Murtadd, (apostate) since he was born from a muslim father. That means he is eligible for execution by muslims, although some in Islam would say that since it was childhood only that Obama should be imprisoned and given the choice to renounce Christianity or die. Obama having a death sentence on his head for being a Christian is not exactly going to make him more friendly.

But, just like GW Bush, (who protected the top imam of radical terrorist islam from the FBI right after 9-11) politics forces certain language on presidents. You will find similar public statements soft on Islam from Generals MacChrystal, Petraeus, and others.

The way to fight this is to get hard, objective evidence in front of the public. This is what the Gaubatzes have done. Support that, and be very careful about tying the fight against Islam with political slanders that only narrow our base of support. We need everyone that can be brought into this fight. We do not need to make enemies by being stupid.


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CAIR is a terrorist organization, however Obama is nothing like a promoter of Islam. [48 words]


Dec 7, 2009 20:17

Islam needs to respect America for what it stands for [266 words]

leigh wallace 

Dec 5, 2009 23:43

Prevent the comming Shahiids [53 words]

Arden Callahan 

Dec 5, 2009 11:04

Right on the Button [9 words]


Dec 4, 2009 15:27

CAIR is a terrorist organization, however Obama is nothing like a promoter of Islam. [292 words]

John Toradze 

Dec 4, 2009 14:54

Nail CAIR into a coffin [122 words]


Dec 3, 2009 03:01

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