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Exclusive: IPT Story on Al-Arian Panel Prompts Indiana University Dean's Apology IPT News December 27, 2022
Deported Palestinian Islamic Jihad "Master Manipulator" Among Indiana University's "Distinguished" Panelists IPT News December 20, 2022
Al-Arian Finds a Kindred Spirit in Israel-Bashing Retired U.S. Army Colonel IPT News October 14, 2021
American Scholars Feature Prominently in Ex PIJ Official's Conference IPT News June 24, 2021
CAIR's "Exposed" Series Exposes CAIR's Terrorist Sympathies IPT News September 9, 2020
Hatem and Ahmed's Ironic Islamophobia Adventure IPT News April 10, 2018
Al-Arian Tries To Play #MeToo With Anti-Semitic Conspiracy Theorist IPT News March 16, 2018
Al-Arian Calls U.S. 'Our Enemy' At Turkish Conference IPT News February 5, 2018
Al-Arian and the Georgetown Gang Ride Again – Now in Turkey IPT News September 14, 2017
A Red Carpet for Radicals at the White House (127 comments) IPT News October 21, 2012
Al-Arian Surfaces With Self-Serving Skype (1 comment) IPT News April 20, 2012
Time for Domestic Anti-Radicalization Program IPT News December 5, 2011
Judge Cancels Al-Arian Hearing Again IPT News October 28, 2010
Judge Brinkema's Pocket Veto IPT News March 23, 2010
The Letter Dogging Tom Campbell (5 comments) IPT News March 5, 2010
Controversy on Campus over Sharia Lecture (5 comments) IPT News September 22, 2009
Al-Arian's "Extraordinary" Claim Unproven (1 comment) IPT News April 8, 2009
Prosecutor Argues Al-Arian Judge's Order Redundant and Invasive IPT News February 17, 2009
Supreme Court Rejects Al-Arian Appeal IPT News October 6, 2008
Washington Post Reporter Puts Target on Prosecutor's Back (1 comment) IPT News September 19, 2008
American Brotherhood: Sami's Our Man (2 comments) IPT News September 5, 2008
Telling Half the Story (1 comment) IPT News September 2, 2008
Judge Postpones Al-Arian Contempt Trial IPT News August 8, 2008
Ex Presidential Candidate Advocates Stalking Prosecutor (7 comments) IPT News August 5, 2008
Forgotten Investigation, Emails Offer Insight into IIIT Probe (3 comments) IPT News August 3, 2008
Judge Orders Al-Arian's Release on Bond IPT News July 10, 2008
Al-Arian Trial Set for August IPT News June 30, 2008
Prior Rulings Could Crimp Al-Arian Defense IPT News June 27, 2008
Al-Arian Indicted for Contempt IPT News June 26, 2008
The Tyranny of Ignorant Authors IPT News June 5, 2008

Blog Posts

Title Publication Date
Love Your Dad, but be Honest For The Record - The IPT Blog May 5, 2010
Fact Checking Tom Campbell For The Record - The IPT Blog February 25, 2010
Al-Arian Judge Seeks Plea Deal Background For The Record - The IPT Blog February 5, 2009