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$trong on Military but $oft on Terrorism

Submitted by Prince Blake, Nov 27, 2011 14:51

How many times have we seen the ugly results of politicians who support the military but who cannot bring themselves to ID the culprit? Enter campaign contributions from shady characters and one can see how easily all the work we've done post-9/11 could get unraveled in a nano-second.


Where Do We Start?

Submitted by Gazinya, Mar 13, 2010 08:49

Where do we citizens start with the clean up? We need to include Tom Campbell with those even more disingenuous. Our polititians have ridden for way to long on the broken pony of "OOPS". We need to let anyone who would want a seat in our Congress to know, from here on out that we are watching and listening. Eric Holder just rode in with an "OOPS". He lied about his connection defending enemies of this country. Rangles with his "OOPS" when he was suprised that his income was taxable and it just keeps coming. We really need to have started yesterday.


Useful Idiot

Submitted by Kenneth, Mar 6, 2010 00:29

Nuf said


This is too much

Mar 5, 2010 21:00

I like Tom Campbell. But this is simply too much. His relationship to Al-Arian seems clear enough: Al-Arian was a fund-raiser. He raised funds for Campbell. Campbell repaid with a letter to the university. In the normal course of politics this would be understandable if somewhat grubby. But given that Al-Arian is terrorist supporter it is unforgivable. Carly and her demon sheep ad have my vote.



Submitted by pau;, Mar 5, 2010 18:28

This man is either too stupid or too dsihonest to be elected to public office-what an embarrasment to the republican party


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