Potkin Azarmehr

IPT Senior Fellow Potkin Azarmehr is a London-based investigative journalist, business intelligence analyst, and TV documentary maker who was born in Iran. He regularly contributes to several newspapers and television stations on Iran and Middle East related news. You can follow him at https://gettr.com/user/potkazar

Writings by Potkin Azarmehr

Title Publication Date
UK Theater Chain Pulls Movie After Muslims Protest IPT News June 8, 2022
Social Media Giants Stifle Iranian Protesters IPT News May 19, 2022
Iran Caught Off Guard by Surging Economic Protests IPT News May 13, 2022
An Unlikely Dissident in Iran IPT News May 6, 2022
Colombia Uncovers Another Iranian Foreign Assassination Campaign IPT News October 1, 2021
Iran Redux Special to IPT News July 16, 2021
Iran's Sham Election IPT News June 17, 2021
An Extremely Puzzling Assassination IPT News December 1, 2020
The Ayatollah's Men in Europe: Part 1 IPT News November 22, 2020
Iran Creates an Anti-Regime Martyr by Executing Popular Wrestler IPT News October 14, 2020
Iran's Plans for the Disintegration of the West IPT News June 15, 2020
Iranian Government Touts Virtual Quds Day Hatred IPT News May 19, 2020
The Real Threats Behind Iran's Military Satellite Launch IPT News May 1, 2020
London Mayor Silent on Praise for Iran's Coronavirus Response Special to IPT News April 27, 2020
"We Can't Even Count Anymore" – How Iran and the WHO Let Coronavirus Proliferate Special to IPT News April 14, 2020