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Totalitarians do not allow disunity

Submitted by Ellman, Jul 5, 2013 01:07

The Communists, Jacobins, Progressives, Democrats, Socialists have always understood that they cannot tolerate or condone dissent and disagreement within their ranks, certainly not in any public forum. Unlike Conservatives and Republicans who have and expose differences of opinion and position on a variety of issues, the aforementioned groups suppress disagreements, often eliminating the man when his beliefs could not be altered. Stalin, Mao and the Khmer Rouge were particularly gifted in this regard, eliminating millions of non-conformists. The MB and its supporters share the same characteristics that the aforementioned totalitarian groups do. Solidarity is what got them this far and, in their fondest dreams, will take them to the final utopia in which they and their ideology will become inscribed in the hearts and minds of all men and women (at least those that decided to remain alive instead of being martyred).


It is shame that CAIR is not standing up with the revolutionaries in Egypt.

Submitted by Good Day Today, Jul 4, 2013 23:40

It is shame that CAIR is not standing up with the revolutionaries and majority of people in Egypt !

Who is financially supporting these short sighted partisan organizations like CAIR?



Jul 4, 2013 10:31

Instead of taking only one side and depending on those elite who can contact you using

English language, you aught to have your own impartial, unbiased persons who live in Egypt and can feel the pulse and feelings of many Egyptians. But after all you are right as a Copt is a much valuable person than a Muslim. What I can really understand is that democracy is democracy. When we agreed to go to the ballot boxes to nominate, we thought that our elite class would give us a chance to express ourselves. But they wanted the result as they wish or else no democracy. All the countries should take Egypt as their model. I just want to advise Americans 'Don't ever believe your president's speech of Democracy and whenever you fell Obama or any other president is unfair just go to the nearest Tahrer (Liberty) Square and go on strikes until your president goes out of office.'

America you were always my dream and model for freedom, but now you are only supporting those with higher voice and can speak English.


Bye Bye Brotherhood

Submitted by JKS, Jul 3, 2013 18:45

Regardless of what the Egyptians end up with, defeating the Muslim Brotherhood organization is a huge victory against Islamism worldwide. This could cut the head off, depending on what happens to the MB assets and leaders in the next few days.


Looking for a better tyrant

Submitted by Edward Cline, Jul 2, 2013 16:53

I find I must not "cheer on" the Egyptians protesting Morsi's regime and wanting him gone. Do they still want Islam? Do they still want Egypt to declare war on Israel? Or are they just, as they did, during the "Arab Spring," looking for a more tolerable tyrant? Because that's all Islam can offer anyone. In all the videos I've seen of Egyptians massing to protest Morsi, I saw very, very few women, and what few I noted were veiled. All the statements by CAIR representatives must be taken with a bottle of salt pills to ward off hubristic taqiyya. For example, how patronizing it was of CAIR's Dawud Walid to say, ""Democracy takes time to establish. It took USA almost 200 years to start getting it right. #Egypt." I'd smack him in the face for making such a remark, when it is CAIR's ambition to replace the Constitution with Sharia law. What did he mean by "getting it right"? Getting it the "right, Sharia way"? Of course that's what he meant.


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