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islamic pressure worldwide

Submitted by a smith, Jun 8, 2010 22:10

Media It is used so extensively for misinformation and disinformation:ordinary citizens Are confused at best Most people are busy and don't have time like some of us to read extensively I feel the outcome very soon is going to be bad They want war:pushed by iran And now turkey: This is crucial Nato member attacking nato member via stealth flotilla nonsense Kurdestan ? Iran has to do something :to perpetuate own power and while obama /pelosi/brennan are in usa power politics Next pres will be diff :islam watches and knows this:they destroyed bush in media Disgrace on america I truly expect war this year in persian gulf This pressure cannot continue indefinitely without persian gulf/oil. Becoming main focus as this is irans trump card:and goal They would lose "face" in islamic world if don't try ...


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