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Question by Hatem

Submitted by Peter, Jul 2, 2013 11:22

The answer is Yes the Obama Administration does appear to be the Mustlim Brotherhood's biggest supporter and Allie. Ayman Al Zawahiri is/was a Muslim Brotherhood member and was inprisoned in Egypt, before joining Al Qaida.


Ann Patterson =Terrorism

Submitted by x solder, Jul 2, 2013 10:02

Ann Patterson is evil and criminal .She is support Terrorism against Egypt by advocate her DOGS of MUSLIM Bro'hood .She was annoyed after the revolution of 30/6 threatened her friends Islamic Salafy .Patterson go to the hill.



Submitted by Hatem, Jul 1, 2013 23:21

Does the USA administration, the biggest ally to the moslem brother hood is the same group from which Omar and Ayman elzawahry are from. Just asking, since I am totally confused. By the way I am egyptian and moslem, so I am not anti moslems or egyptian, instead just one of the millions of egyptian who are moslem by peacefull.


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