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The Council of American Islamic Relations, Muslim Brotherhood & Cair are the same

Submitted by Shirley, Dec 3, 2011 19:32

In September, I found another press release on Islamonline regarding a presentation CAIR-OK said they delivered to the Oklahoma State School Boards Association about Islam with offers to provide Islamic materials to the Oklahoma Public Schools throughout the state. The OSSBA denies that CAIR did this presentation.

An email sent to CAIR-OK about this went unanswered.

Why the interest in Oklahoma over in the Middle East? It seems to me, that Islamonline keeps the Middle East informed about the Islamic movement in Oklahoma.

CAIR tried unsuccessfully to get their name removed as an unindicted co-conspirator in the Holy Land Foundation terror funding trial. Furthermore, CAIR never denied their relationship with the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas that I am aware. Two of the top officials at CAIR were secretly recorded by the FBI as their planned or attended a meeting with Hamas operatives in America. These officials, Omar Ahmad and Nihad Awad are still at CAIR in top positions.

Omar Ahmad denied in congressional testimony CAIR received any money from Holy Land Foundation but this cancelled check shows otherwise:


Nelson's got to go...

Submitted by Gumbi5, Nov 11, 2011 05:29

If Nelson didn't return all $400,000 from the fundraiser, it doesn't matter that he returned the one donation from the guy he's with in the photos.... and apparently Nelson has worked with the guy regardless of his campaigns' denials... And also, don't forget that under Nelson's watch, NASA's mission changed from space flight to muslim outreach without a peep from him. I guess he was far too busy ramming Obamacare down our throats and fighting pythons in the everglades to be bothered with the loss of jobs at NASA.


Nelson rejects contribution from former CAIR official

Submitted by Pat, Nov 10, 2011 00:58

Just read that Nelson rejected CAIR's donation:



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