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And is this surprising ?

Submitted by Ali3nation, Jan 17, 2013 11:28

The close advisor to the Secretary of State is intimately connected to the MB. She is as close to the seat of power in this country as any one can be. Her mother is a close friend of M Morsi and his wife, and her brother is a solid member of the MB as well. This operative was hand picked by the Secretary of State and she seems to be enthralled by her. Humma, wife of the rascally, lewd Anthony Weiner is a key player in events of late. Is she the only one. I don't think so, Jarrett also has close ties to the Iranians. And g-d only knows what other spies are lurking around Mr. Obama. Get serious. If we are already infiltrated to this extent, it is going to take more than elections to rid us of this poison.( And BTW, has anyone heard any news at all, good or bad about Humma???? anything at all????) Where did Michelle Bachman go?


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