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AHMED...What is YOUR Beef?

Submitted by JCAL, Jul 8, 2012 19:36

@ Ahmed..we dont expect the world to run to the USA's bluprint. However within our country you have to abide by laws, even if you dont agree. I am sure that appointments like this only lead to our ability to find all of the terrorist ties to HAMAS and the "Bro-hood" by CAIR (who has been convicted endlessly in American court of law for funding terrorism). Yes you are right, justice will prevail...so think about sending the "palestinians" back to Syria where they came from in the first place. Good luck with Arab Spring while the rest of the world watches Islam be reduced to "Iran the Sequel". I am sure tired of my country sending billions to Islamic pin heads like yourself so you can whine about how bad the USA is to you. I am sure Allah will provide for you then.


What is your Beef with this

Submitted by Ahmed+, Jul 6, 2012 17:12

What is your 'Beef' with this IPT. Do you expect the United States and the World to run according to your 'Blueprint'. There should be many more appointments like this, if for no other reason than to balance the injustices against the oppressed and occupied Palestinians. You can rant about this and that for as long as you want, but justice will prevail in the end, it always does no matter how long it takes.


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