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Missing the real threat...

Apr 28, 2011 18:39

C'mon, guys and/or gals. It is Muslim-bashing. It's interesting that the anti-Muslim paranoia in these comments deceptively omit the rise of the Religious Right wackos, the Christian Dominionists who want to rule America with the Bible, and the End-Times freaks who support world instability and pray for Armageddon so they can ascend to their idea of heaven in the Rapture. Their numbers are growing in our socially isolated and overworked professional army. As influences in our military these Christians constitute a force that poses a more immediate threat than CAIR to our country.

And then your grandkids can ask, "Gee, Grandpa, where were you when the military coup happened?

Duh, I was protecting America from Islam.

To counter that threat, a military draft needs to be put into effect immediately. BTW, a draft would also give you commentators something positive to do with your lives.


Kudos to Citizen

Submitted by J.T., Jun 24, 2010 20:57

How is this even an issue for litigation? If this had been a Christian chaplain, and it was found that he had ties to the KKK or some other terrorist organization, would muslims cry discrimination for him as well? This is ridiculous and law abiding muslims should stop defending terrorists in the name of discrimination. ANY law enforcement officer with ties to organizations that incite hatred and violence should absolutely have the badge removed. This is a matter of security, simple enough!


NOT Muslim Bashing!!

Submitted by Citizen, Jun 23, 2010 18:32

To "Patriotic Muslim." Thank you for your service. Tthis Imam's organization raises money for Hammas but it's muslim bashing? Do you ever criticize fellow muslims who promote terror???? That is why we have become so cynical!! Now the center for american muslim relations is bring forth a lawsuit crying discrimination...omg, give me a break!!!


Patriotic Muslim

Jan 11, 2010 18:15

I am so sick and tired of the Muslim bashing. Listen I served 8 years, 8 years in the US Army. I am also a Muslim and I have been a cop for the last 20 years. Why shouldnt there be a Muslim Chaplain at Illinois State Police? Whatever happened to freedom of religion and innocent until proven guilty. There are over 14,000 Mulsims in the US Armed Forces, there are over 3,000 Muslim Law Enfocement Officer in the US (Federal, State, County, and Local). How many of you bigots ever served this GREAT country in this manner? Answer my question. I bet you cant. So until you serve dont slander. You are just scared. Dont worry....we will protect you.


It'll take another.......

Submitted by reddes, Jan 7, 2010 19:32

....911 before America wakes up. However, and I truly believe this, the current residents of the US have simply been sold down the river. The big money players here and abroad need the cheap labor that is flowing like a tsnumai into the US from basically everywhere.

I think that I, a middle aged white US born citizen, became irrelevant at some point and am now probably a "speed bump" to progress of the New World Order.

Thanks to all of the corporations that have yielded to the lure of higher profits for the stockholders at the sacrifice of a lot of the US population that helped to get them where they are. Natural progression I suppose.

One of many negative side effects is the people who wish harm to this country are slowly and patiently setting up shop in the US. Any idea that Islam can coexist with anything else is a complete and idiotic idealistic fantasy. Me talking? Nope, Islam speaks for itself. Read their book. You who are non-muslim have 3 possible fates in an Islamic world, 1 is conversion, 2 is living under muslim rule as a slave paying the "jizyah", and 3 is your painful non-"believing" kafir death. That;s it. Prove me wrong. Wake up.

Hassan in Killeen most recently showed you how Islam comforts the human being of planet earth. Rogue? Random? Yeah.....right.


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Apr 28, 2011 18:39

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