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a favor

Submitted by curmudgeon, May 12, 2012 17:37

cair is lying in its representation that the united states IS at war with islam. cair is confusing the way it IS with the way it SHOULD BE. islam has been at war with the united states since our nation was founded, even though we are too clueless to war back. what cair is accidentally telling us is what is so obvious to them: that the united states, and any other reasonable country that wishes to survive, SHOULD BE at war with islam. the free countries of the world SHOULD expel all their muslims, and SHOULD massively retaliate any further provocation received at the hands of that evil religion. that is what cair is telling us. will we listen?


What is wrong with fighting Ideas with Ideas?

Submitted by Martin_Koschuttnig, May 12, 2012 06:23

Ideas have to be defeated by better Ideas, and not with weapons! What is WRONG with this approach? After WWII ended, the USA (and others) had absolutely NO problem with fighting against the *IDEOLOGY* which fueled the *third Reich* Nazism. This *fight* is still ongoing, today we have laws in place against the *revival* called *Wiederbetätigung* of Nazism!

What drives the "terrorists" in EACH and every case it is some *ideology* or system of thought! The Idea to act upon is first, then follow the actions! Only a lunatic would do something stupid, without being able to explain WHY or for what reasons he did it. With Muslims it is their "religion", way of life. When Sharia stipulates that *Democracy* is from humans, and not from a deity, Muslims will NOT implement it, they might jump on the Bandwagon for a time-being, but given the first chance and to establish their Islamic social system, they will do so. All the while one can still separate Muslims from their "religion" because not all Muslims will or are able to carry some of the calls to violence.


Case and point!

Submitted by Ibrahim, May 10, 2012 01:40

Ahmed you display so much rage and hate. You need to relax.

I sure hope you don't live in America, that would make you a hypocrite.

Many of our people are brain washed and dellusional, don't add to the problem.


Emerson's Selective Memory

Submitted by Ahmed, May 9, 2012 19:05

Steve Emerson! why have you confined your attack to Muslims and Muslim Organisations of the United States. These people and organisations must be a thorn in the sides of people like you, but in a much drummed-up American 'Democracy' they have ever right to exercise their views. Ask your Native Americans and the African Americans why hatred for America is both global and legendary, a reputation well deserved.

People of the world are not blind to the crimes of America, therefore, support for Hamas and Hezbollah should not come as such a surprise to you. Besides, who gives a damn if America brands them as 'terrorists', the fact of the matter is that Hamas got elected and Hezbollah defeated Israel.

Finally, to help you out of your long cultivated delusion, your Superpower America with all the money and arms could not defeat the rag-tag Taliban; even with the help of 45 other Countries. So Stick that in Your Pipe and Smoke it!


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