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Submitted by awakned, Apr 19, 2012 11:19

thank god for dr. yasser we need more muslims like him.


CAIR & MPAC reaction validates the appointment

Submitted by Alex Porter, Apr 2, 2012 23:38

What's surprising, is that appointment was made during Obama administration.


Support Dr. Jasser

Submitted by Brandi, Mar 31, 2012 14:23

MPAC urged others to sign a petition against Dr. Jasser. Not surprising. This is the same group that's hosting a few members of the political arm of the Muslim Brotherhood in Washington, D.C. this Tuesday at a secret location!

Keep up the good work Dr. Jasser. More Americans need to pay attention.


good info

Submitted by A D, Mar 31, 2012 09:52

Good info ... many people do not trust him, or Brigitte Gabriel on some of our pages.. I'm not one of them and I'M certainly not ready to throw her under a bus ... If she is not a friend she has a funny way of showing it... she has been on the side of freedom for years ...


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