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This mosque is a nest of authentic Islam

Submitted by winoceros, Sep 2, 2010 13:15

These folks have created an Islamic "school" for kindgarten and first-graders, where in addition to (!) English and math, they will be taught Islamic studies and "history."

A now defeated candidate for Minneapolis School Board, Mohamud Noor, has attended that mosque, as documented in the newspaper after a neighborhood shooting at a halal market.

Another school board candidate, Hussein Samatar, wonders aloud where all the Somali youth could possibly be disappearing to?? Hey, rocket scientist, they're going to wage jihad in Somalia, kitman-artist. His own nephew has gone to wage jihad.

Good on Minneapolis. Way to go, team!


Keep up the good work. Glad I found your site.

Submitted by foxmuldar, Aug 20, 2010 20:57

Glad I found your site. Not many provide the needed information about the true enemies of our country. The Liberal media continues to kowtow to the likes of CAIR and ICNA.


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