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CAIR-Hamas: Identical DNA, Identical Mission of Sabotage and Destruction of the United States and Israel

Submitted by Josephine Lydia Chilvers, May 5, 2010 13:26

"WAR IS DECEPTION" CAIR Is 'The Enemy Within' The United States Of America. CAIR-Chicago Director, Ahmed Rehab is the point man for putting a positive spin on the objectives of Islam.


CAIR & It's Odd Influential Power

Submitted by Elizabeth, May 4, 2010 11:17

I hate to be negatively critical of a nationally recognized public relations organization, but I don't know how anyone can honestly say that CAIR has been a positive aspect in the past years. Compared to other public support organizations, CAIR is practically non-existent. When Muslims are obviously so important to the entire global community, it seems ridiculous that they seem to be represented by this organization. That being said though, who has given them the odd power of authority on Muslim concerns, issues, & relations with non-Muslims? Other Muslim leaders from actual Islam recognized nations? Not just checks but actual recognition? Who? Oh, you & the other press. That's not a bad thing, I love news.


Why do we listen to CAIR?

Submitted by Andrew Whitehead, May 1, 2010 07:17

CAIR has, since inception, worked to destroy the country. Is CAIR a Muslim organization, supporting Muslim civil rights or is it a front group for terrorists working to impose radical Islam on the world, by force if necessary?

Consider CAIR's history; from supporting the Holy Land immediately after 9-11 with a false donation page that led to a Holy Land donation web site. How many people were conned into donating to the Holy Land Foundation?

- CAIR's false claims of victimization; claiming the mantle of MLK Jr. due to the similarity between blacks and Muslims in America today. Even the usual race-baiters aren't falling for this line.

- CAIR's joining with Japanese Americans interred during WWII in trying to paint similarities between what occured in WWII to today's Muslims. A truly bizarre attempt to feed the false-sympathy machine that fuels what is left of CAIR's fund-raising efforts in North America.

In short, CAIR's history was written by CAIR. Why CAIR constantly tries to hide its own history is no mystery if one understands the mission of CAIR. The leadership of CAIR knows the truth about them and their organization will damn them in the eyes of any rational human being.

The bottom line is that CAIR's rantings, work on behalf of radical Islam, and promotion of hate of all things not Islamist is hurting them and they know it.

Allah and Mohammed would not recognize CAIR; everything CAIR says it does in advancing the civil rights of Muslims is just a sham; a cover for hate, pure and simple. The form of Islam practiced by CAIR is prideful, hateful, and supremecist. The complete opposite of what most Muslim believe.

Why do we continue to listen to CAIR?

Simple: Every time CAIR issues a press release or Doug Hooper is hosted on a radio or TV program, CAIR looses just a little bit more credibility.

And that is just fine with us.


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