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It's Hard to get a book about Islam published

Submitted by Joe White, Mar 11, 2010 11:46

I tried to get my book published (Babylon's Covert War) - and had to got he route of self-publishing through an independant printer. I have a agent, the same one who represented F. Tupper Saussy (Rulers of Evil) - but to no end - the traditional publishing houses did not want to go down that route of publishing a book of a person who spent five years involved in Iraq and what had to be learned to defend against a comitted enemy. They were scared of the military - religious avenue. They wanted one or the other - but not both.

I'm glad to hear that this book is being printed and what it has to say. This article does much for the book mentioned above - because I'm buying it!!!


A bad start for a book supposed to be good.

Submitted by Mike, Mar 10, 2010 02:00

A secular Muslim is an oxymoron by definition. That's a very bad start for any book. A moderate Muslim sounds much more palatable but that does not change the teachings of Quran. Someone please point me to a majority Muslim nation where competing worldvies and lifestyles are being welcomed and protected by Muslims. Any takers? That historical and contemporary record is very clear: When they can, they will impose Sharia to everyone.

There are only two kinds of Muslims: those who obey and those who reject the teachings of Quran. Many of these Muslim "moderates" will either become radicalized themselves or their children will provide a breeding ground for recruiting. If the radical Muslim start the jihad, the moderate Muslims will comply immediately like everywhere else. Where are the moderate Muslims in any of the Islamic majoritary nations? What kind of democratic rights have they secured for the non-Muslims? Because they are self-proclaimed Muslim moderates, how can anyone know whether they are telling the truth or simply pursuing a long term strategy such as the one based on repopulating Eurabia and Arabimerica in few generations by having lots of children with different women while the host nation will be paying for it?

I wonder why I am not terribly relieved with the moderate Muslims. If they don't agree with the Quran, they should no longer call themselves Muslims at all.


Thank you

Submitted by Denise Kaufman, Mar 9, 2010 17:56

Thank you for the informative piece on this book. I just ordered it.


Islam is the problem

Submitted by Edmund Onward James, Mar 9, 2010 17:38

Too often, I have heard and read that Islam has been hijacked. Islam needs reform. Though Islamic proselytizing continues, the religion is imploding.

The West must be patient, because the wars have just begun. The zealous Muslims think in centuries, whereas the West thinks in days, months and years. The West loses a small amount of soldiers and civilians compared to WWI and WWII and the mainstream media worry and state we are losing. Thousands upon thousands of jihadists die along with many civilians, and fundamental clerics, who interpret Islam, state it is for the struggle. And all the martyrs will enjoy paradise.


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