Writings by Ioannis E. Kotoulas

Title Publication Date
Anti-Israeli Bias Continues Unabated in UN Agencies IPT News January 25, 2023
Iranian Regime Intensifies Violence Against Protesters IPT News December 12, 2022
Turkey Continues to Tolerate Hamas' Operations Against Israel IPT News November 30, 2022
Iran's Missiles Keep Russian Invasion of Ukraine Alive IPT News November 15, 2022
Iran's Deadly Drones Support Russia's Invasion of Ukraine IPT News October 19, 2022
Turkey's Aggression and Cultural Islamism Push Continue Unabated IPT News September 21, 2022
Iranian Oppression Causes a Backlash Special to IPT News September 13, 2022
Iranian Hardliners and Media Praise the Attack on Salman Rushdie Special to IPT News August 14, 2022
Iran's Long Reach Threatens Israeli Gas Drilling and American Troops Special to IPT News August 10, 2022
Turkish High School Textbooks Praise Jihad Special to IPT News August 3, 2022
Iran Vows Revenge After U.S.-Israel Declaration on its Nuclear Program Special to IPT News July 21, 2022
Islamists Try to Renew Push for Ilhan Omar's Flawed "Islamophobia" Bill Special to IPT News July 13, 2022
Islamist Terrorism Resurfaces in Scandinavia Special to IPT News July 5, 2022
Iran Descends into Outright Piracy and Confrontation with the West Special to IPT News June 23, 2022
The Strange Alliance Between Russia and Chechen Jihadists IPT News March 11, 2022
From "Defund the Police" to "Defund Israel" Special to IPT News June 1, 2021
Turkey Remains the Main Supporter of Hamas Hostility Special to IPT News May 17, 2021
France: A Battleground between Secular Values and Turkish Islamism Special to IPT News April 22, 2021
Opposition to UAE Arms Deal Plays into Iran's and Turkey's Strategy Special to IPT News December 23, 2020
Turkey Is the Center of the New Islamist International Special to IPT News November 8, 2020
Turkey Dispatches Syrian Jihadists in the Caucasus to Aid Azerbaijan Special to IPT News October 13, 2020
Turkey Could Use Syrian Islamists Against Fellow NATO Ally Greece Special to IPT News September 21, 2020