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Rasmieh Odeh

Submitted by Harris Zvi Green, Feb 29, 2016 06:54

Rasmieh Odeh is a murderer. She deliberately lied on repeated occasions during her application submission for US citizenship. PTSD is completely irrelevant. Is there any doubt regarding her crime? But that doesn't bother Odeh's supporters. They see this as a golden opportunity to cleanse the Palestinians of their collective guilt for their genocidal actions over the past 70 years and more. Rewriting the narrative. Rewriting the history books. These misguided leftists stop at nothing in their Jihad to delegitimize Israel. This is not about human rights. It's about creating a public opinion that justifies the random killing of Jews and Israelis. Who's paying Odeh's legal fees? Is Odeh the kind of person the United States wants as a citizen? What added value does she bring to the people of the United States? Get on with it and implement her sentence without any further delay.



Feb 27, 2016 07:49

PTSD??? Seriously? This is just as bad as the AFFLUNZIA (sp - how do you spell a non-word) defense.


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