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Lies.lies, and more lies

Submitted by gee gee, Feb 9, 2015 12:47

Send her into exile.No country should tolerate anyone who lies and cheats to gain citizenship.They are they under false pretences.



Submitted by Carl Strock, Nov 15, 2014 21:40

Curious that you omit from this report Odeh's claim that she was tortured in Israeli custody, which is why she confessed to the crimes which she says she did not commit, and that the U.S. trial judge decided not to admit that claim into evidence. Isn't it relevant that her conviction in a military court was based on a confession that she says was extracted under extreme duress, including sexual duress? Why would you leave that out?



Submitted by John J, Nov 11, 2014 01:37

Actually a very flattering photo considering she looks more like a Helen Thomas clone


Good News But Only Step One

Submitted by Bill, Nov 10, 2014 14:28

The guilty verdict is indeed good news. Initial justice done. At sentencing, the judge is required to revoke her US citizenship and she will revert to the alien status ("green card" holder) she had prior to naturalization. She will undoubtedly appeal the conviction to the federal circuit court and perhaps to SCOTUS. Those appeals can last 2-3 years. If she loses those appeals, the US government (ICE) can then take her case into Immigration Court for deportation proceedings where, even if she is detained (IF), those proceedings and the ensuing appeals (Board of Immigration Appeals, habeas in US District Court, circuit court, SCOTUS, motions to reopen, discretionary relief motions) could take even more years. And assuming the prosecution ultimately prevails and obtains a "final" removal order against her, she is a stateless Palestinian and deporting a feloniously convicted stateless Palestinian terrorist is especially problematic. This is why even removing a convicted terrorist from the US is a legally complex and difficult process and the US public should be aware of what "due process" in deportation proceedings has writ large...foreign nationals in such proceedings literally enjoy more rights than defendants in US criminal proceedings and that's why it takes so long to actually deport people, if ever.



Submitted by Carol, Nov 10, 2014 13:02

Thanks for the great news! Glad the judge wasn't so PC as to feel compelled to let her go for political reasons.

Why send her to jail and have our tax dollars pay for it. Why not missile her at an ISIS target? :) Okay, we can dream can't we. Deportation to where? Where can a proven murderer not cause harm?


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