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Lying for Islam

Submitted by Chief_Cabioch, Nov 6, 2014 21:31

in order to understand muslims ,you must read the koran (quran) especially the "taqyyia-kitman) section of the hadith, ...which is all about lying for islam, and once you read this,. you will if sane come to the Obvious conclusion that NONE in their right mind would EVER trust a muslim..........Period....because they are taught to lie to infidels (US), and to gain our trust.....only to pay us back with terror or death or anything else they can do...


Islamic Pressure on US Judicial System

Submitted by Michael Fox, Nov 6, 2014 19:30

Unbelievable. To suggest that an Arab would lie.

The word " ever" is a time related word, it has nothing to do with place. Example: Asked by a fictitious prosecutor - "Have you ever been convicted of murder? The response is, "No" The prosecution then presents evidence that the accused had previously been convicted and served time for a murder. When pressed further, the accused says...."Oh, I thought you meant in this courthouse." I know my example is flawed because you are not allowed to introduce previous convictions, but you get my point.

Let's see if the judicial system bows to the barrage of righteous Islamic pressure to drop what should be a slam dunk case. We can only hope the President and his Attorney General don't weigh in..



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