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May be we should learn some fact about Palestine

Mar 20, 2015 01:28

BY the way, How do you know that she is a Muslim. I thought she was a Christian Palestinian who follows George Habash, who are known to be virulent and violent, much more violent than PLO.

Oh, I guess you don't know that Palestine comprised of Christians, Jews and Muslims.

PFLP and PLO had several Christian and Jews who actively fought Israeli occupation and still does.

The land of Palestine or PHILISTIN as mentioned in the Bible over 2015 years ago existed a long before then. So they don't need any legitimacy and UN permission or permission of America or so called todays Israel to be there in their own land!


Send her to Israel

Submitted by Gene Groby, Mar 18, 2015 02:59

I understand that she should serve time in prison, but they should have deported her back to Israel and force her to live under those conditions again for her deception.


Same as Nazi's

Submitted by Hitler, Mar 17, 2015 14:14

Nazi's all led upstanding lives after committing War Crimes.
Guess they were just Victim too.


Presenting predator as prey

Submitted by Anon, Mar 13, 2015 17:38

". . . over a hundred supporters from the larger Arab American community attending the hearing. Her support base anxiously tweeted a rolling commentary on the verbatim transcript of court proceedings being relayed to them online. 'Just f..k the US justice system.' 'The appellate judge(s) better be wiser than this douchebag' #RasmiehOdeh." Typical twisted hate-speech born of a most commonplace jihadic stratagem: playing the victim in any way and by any means possible: to portray a vicious predator, sister Rasmieh Odeh, as the prey of an unjust judicial system run by infinitely inferior, despicable kafir (unbelievers).



Submitted by Thomas, Mar 13, 2015 02:38

the sentence is far too light, she should been given life without paroll

The good side she is being thrown out of the USA as all muslims should be.


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