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Obama administration is openly pro-Islamist !

Dec 29, 2015 17:11

Obama should be impeached and tried for treason !

For openers even the FBI has called CAIR a front for the Muslim Brotherhood . Not one of these organizations has ever expressed pure horror at Islamist violence and do nothing to curtail it, stop the ISIS proselityzing, or catch/stop any wrong doers. All they do is play the victim and whine about Islamiphobia. Well when an entire religion is represented by rabid murderers as calling for the end of Western civilization, perhaps it is understandasble that we be wary.

Especially due to the fact that the "good" Muslim majority is SILENT. Just like the "good " Germans were before and during WW!! and the Holocaust. !!

Silence is acquiescence and then becomes complicit.

The silence of the "good" makes them guilty by association.


The President is Impeachment Proof

Submitted by bruce Saltzman, Dec 28, 2015 19:38

President Obama can not be impeached; because, if the house of Representatives ever took a vote authorizing the Senate to vote on impeachment Obama's supporters would burn the commercial center out of more than 100 USA Cities. There would be riots for a month.

Obama keeps his supporters riled up and ready to do battle with the police by means of a Public Relations Campaign called "Black Lives Matter". Trying to collect guns from lawful owners was an attempt to make lawlessness by his supporters more violent and more dangerous for the nation. Releasing 6000 felons from Federal Prisons is a step toward having more manpower for battles in the city streets of the USA.

Closing the USA Embassy in Africa and the Middle East, until August, is an attempt to keep them from being bombed or attacked before the Republican Primaries are over; so that the most defense oriented candidates do not win the primarys.


Obama administration

Dec 28, 2015 17:53

The Obama administration has already endangered Western civilization. Obama should have been impeached a long time ago.


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