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Submitted by arcadia, Nov 28, 2008 20:04

It seem the learning curve on fitting terrorism will begin to lean toward our governments ability to recognize the under workings of how these terrorists receive their funneled monies by way of these deceitful charities. Americans will do well to realize that these radical muslims will use any means necessary to destroy the west. They justify these means under the Koran and will lie to your face as long as they reach their objectives. Killing innocent people in buildings, train stations, or where ever is part of their business. Money in the hands of these terrorists are worse that the gun and bombs they use. We need to be vigilant and watch our backs in this country. Europe and the free world would do well to do the same.


Thank You USA

Submitted by AntiCair, Nov 24, 2008 22:28

for your persistance in bringing to justice this front for a terroristic organization.


Who's Next?

Submitted by R Dunn, Nov 24, 2008 21:32

Now they need to go after CAIR and shut them down.


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